What is the Flex and frequency of a golf shaft?

What is the Flex and frequency of a golf shaft?

· Typically there will be 10 cycles between shaft flexes. Thus if one shaft registers 250 cpm and another is 270 cpm, there is a 2- flex difference between the shafts regardless of what flex the manufacturer claims them to be. By assigning a specific frequency number to a shaft, the shaft can be closely matched to a player.

What are the different flex in golf clubs?

Types of Flex in Golf ShaftsOverview. The flex in a golf shaft affects the distance, accuracy and trajectory of your golf shot. …Extra Stiff. Extra stiff shafts should generally be reserved for really long hitters (about 300 off the tee) and this flex can be difficult to find, as it is not …Stiff Shaft. …Regular Flex. …Senior FlexLadies Flex. …

Are graphite shafts better for senior golfers?

The graphite material helps golfers get higher swing speeds and higher launch. Seniors have the choice between senior shafted irons or regular flex. If your swing speed is lacking and you feel your distances have started to fall off, the senior shaft is the better choice. Iron shafts for seniors typically tend to be in that 60-70gram range.

What is a flex shaft in golf?

What Is Shaft Flex? Shaft flex is the degree to which the shaft will bend or flex during the swing. A more flexible shaft bends easily during the swing and has the potential to produce a longer-ranged shot. Although, choosing the most flexible one will not improve your accuracy as it tends to twist more.