What is the FCM of a hybrid shaft?

What is the FCM of a hybrid shaft?

The FCM system was meant to be a system that covered ALL clubs in the set, so if we have #6 iron CPM so we can get a FCM value, we can look at that FCM value for a Hybrid or wood shaft using RIFLE FCM chart since those ratings is quite good if we stay in profile.

What is the purpose of shafts in golf clubs?

Why is this important to golf? Because the purpose of the shaft is to store energy during the backswing and the beginning of the downswing with the intention that it release energy during the middle and end of the downswing… all with the objective of maximizing the clubhead speed at the moment of ball impact.

What does CPM mean on a golf shaft?

Simply put, CPM stands for “cycles per minute,” which measures the frequency of a golf shaft. To obtain this measurement, a fitter or club builder places the grip end of a golf club into a clamp,…