What is the disc golf Lingo?

What is the disc golf Lingo?

This serves as the language of disc golf that binds every player to one another. To help you understand the disc golf lingo, we have prepared this guide. It is about the terms used by disc golf players which will help you understand what they are talking about when you join them for a league or tournament round.

How do you measure lie angle on a golf club?

Picture the club properly soled on flat ground, with a straight line extending back from the heel of the club along the ground. Now imagine measuring the angle from that line up to the shaft. That’s the lie angle.

What is a lie in golf?

‘Lie’ actually means two different things in golf. First, it relates to how and where the ball is sitting or lying anywhere on the golf course other than the teeing area, where it will usually be on a tee-peg, or, to a large degree, the putting green, where the grass is cut so short you would hope the ball would be sitting consistently well.

What is the line of play in disc golf?

The line of play is the imaginary line on the playing surface extending from the center of the target through and beyond the center of the marker disc. The marker disc, or marker, is the disc used to mark the lie according to 802.06.