What is the difference between xxio X and xxio 12 Irons?

What is the difference between xxio X and xxio 12 Irons?

The new XXIO X irons are completely, totally and utterly different from the rest of the XXIO line. The recently announced XXIO 12 is a super-lightweight iron set designed for the moderate swing-speed, or aging, golfer.

What are xxio Prime 11 golf clubs?

XXIO Prime 11 golf clubs are designed exclusively for moderate swing speed players. Golfers who are looking for distance and forgiveness in a design that is easy to swing without having to swing harder will benefit most from this line. The XXIO Prime 11 golf club family shares a timeless look.

What makes xxio Eleven Irons so good?

Eleven produced a redesigned cup face structure and used an exceptionally lightweight shaft partnered with “Weight Plus” Technology to produce fast, forgiving, and easy to swing set of golf clubs. A key feature of the XXIO Eleven irons is their “Dual Undercut Cavity”.

What is the loft on the xxio eleven?

By the way, the loft on the PW is 42*. The results were the same in the longer irons as well. The XXIO Eleven sees the 5-iron as the longest iron available which is totally fine, because for the most part, the recreational player carries a 4H and perhaps even a 3H or a higher-lofted fairway wood.