What is the difference between PGA and Liv?

What is the difference between PGA and Liv?

THE PGA has long been the world’s standard for golf tournaments. Now, there’s a new golf league that could stand to rival the Professional Golfers’ Association, and it’s getting controversial. What does LIV Golf stand for? LIV Golf isn’t an acronym like most people may be expecting. It is the Roman numeral for the number 54.

Why is Liv golf called Liv?

Video: What Is LIV Golf? While the name LIV may seem like an acronym, it was actually chosen because it’s the Roman numeral for 54. But why is that important? Speaking to Sports Illustrated, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman explained there are two reasons behind the significance of the number.

What is the Liv Golf Invitational series?

The LIV Golf Invitational Series has eight events on its calendar for the 2022 season, the first of which is taking place this weekend outside London. Other stops on the tour include Portland, Ore.; Bedminster, N.J.; Boston; Chicago; Bangkok; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and Miami. Why is it controversial?

What does Liv stand for?

The controversial breakout professional golf league run by CEO Greg Norman , financed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and offering outrageous purses is called LIV. It is pronounced liv, as in "live free," and is not an acronym. In Roman numerals, LIV is 54. Each of LIV’s events are 54 holes.