What is the difference between a Titleist TS3 and TS4 driver?

What is the difference between a Titleist TS3 and TS4 driver?

The Titleist TS4 driver has a 430cc head for the player that prefers a smaller look at address.   Noticeably less forgiving than the TS2 or TS3.   Low launch and spin.

What are the fastest Titleist golf drivers?

There is a “thinner, faster face” – the fastest Titleist claim to have ever produced – with the Radial VFT (variable face thickness) helping to produce impressive ball speeds. The TS4 drivers are available in 8.5 degree, 9.5 degree and 10.5 degree lofts, with Titleist’s patented SureFit Hosel allowing for 16 different loft and lie settings.

Are Titleist’s new ultra low-spin drivers a good idea?

The TS2 and TS3 Drivers have been a massive success, both on tour and at consumer level, however Titleist are targeting the niche players who are at the end of the spectrum by introducing an ultra low-spin driver. which they say will reduce spin rates by 300rpm compared to their other models.

Is a TS4 driver right for You?

“While we know most golfers find their best fit in a TS2 or TS3 driver, there is a percentage of players out there with distinct performance needs, such as aggressive spin reduction. “TS4 is the ultra low-spin that still produces exceptional ball speed.