What is the difference between a male and female golf swing?

What is the difference between a male and female golf swing?

Major differences were found at the wrist and elbow, where different incidences of injury were previously reported. A women’s swing generally uses timing, tempo, and hip turn to generate clubhead speed while men are all about the use of brawn to generate higher swing speed.

Do women’s golf balls have different compression ratings than men’s golf balls?

Most men’s golf balls have a compression rating between 70 and 110 while women’s golf balls have compression ratings between 45 and 70. Many of the highest-rated women’s golf balls have dimple counts and designs to especially boost lift and get the ball up in the air.

Do men’s golf balls come in different colors?

Rarely do golf balls for men come in a variety of colors or feature a glittery covering. While it might seem purely sexist to serious golfers for these differences to create a visual distinction between balls, women’s golf balls also come in white with all of the desired characteristics.

What are women’s golf balls?

Women’s golf balls are low compression golf balls marketed towards female golfers. Most notable brands choose to market a version of their low compression golf balls as women’s golf balls. This is done given that most female players have below-average swing speeds.