What is the best loft and lie bending gauge?

What is the best loft and lie bending gauge?

The Golf Mechanix Clubmakers Loft and Lie Bending Gauge is a well-engineered loft and lie gauge, and can accommodate today’s specialty wedges, hybrids, and oversized irons. It is a tried and tested machine worldwide, and offers non-scoring sheaves and a very sophisticated clamping system for accurate results.

What is the best loft and Lie Machine?

Golfsmith has a Professional Loft and Lie Machine which is a smaller machine than the Ultimate Model in Golfsmith’s stable but is very popular with all club fitters. It has clear, easy to read loft and lie indicators, for accurate settings.

What is the loft and lie of a golf club?

This is referred to as the loft. The lie angle of a club is the angle of the shaft in relation to the ground when the sole of the club lies flat on the ground. Lie angle will either be tow up, tow down or neutral. What is a Loft and Lie Machine? In simple terms, it is a device used to adjust the loft and lie of a club.

What is the golfworks loft and Lie Machine?

The Golf Club and Economy Loft and Lie Machine are precision-made and capable of bending and adjusting left and right-handed clubs. Woods, irons, and putters are accurately altered to the specification required for loft and lie angle. Each machine is independently manufactured in The GolfWorks machine shop and comes with an engraved serial number.