What is the best book to learn golf swing?

What is the best book to learn golf swing?

Best Golf Instruction Books 1 Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fun … 2 Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the … 3 The Plane Truth for Golfers: Breaking Do … 4 The Inner Game of Golf by W. Timothy Gal … 5 The Laws of the Golf Swing: Body-Type Yo … 14 more rows …

Why should you read Ben Hogan’s 5 fundamentals of golf?

Unlike other golf publications Ben Hogan really goes into detail and gets down to the finer points and explains everything simply and concise. PGA professionals are teaching today the idea’s that came out of this book. Ben Hogan was a legend and put his “secrets” into this book which he calls his 5 fundamentals of golf.

What are the best golf instruction books you should read?

My top 10 best golf instruction books you should read have been listed in order of awesomeness. 1. Ben Hogans Five Lessons Ben Hogan’s five lesson’s has easily been referred to as the bible of golf, or simply put the only golfing book you’ll ever need.

What is the best book on Women’s golf?

Annika is the GOAT of women’s golf and her instruction book is helpful and personal, with stories about how she overcame her shyness to how she handles nerves on the course. And finally, a book that has nothing to do with instruction, but the perfect coffee-table book that gives you a sense of the game’s history, it’s style, and its legends.