What is Phil Mickelson like as a person?

What is Phil Mickelson like as a person?

When Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship, he not only sparked an infusion of interest in golf as the oldest major’s tournament champion in PGA Tour history, but debate rumbled across the country as to the character of the guy. Mickelson, 50, comes across as an “awe shucks,” kind of guy with a goofy personality and a big heart.

Should you swing Lefty like Phil Mickelson?

This is why right-handed Phil Mickelson swings lefty (should you do the same?) No, you should not. You’ve probably heard it before about how Phil Mickelson became Lefty. Or maybe you haven’t!

Why is Phil Mickelson back on the PGA Tour?

Mickelson has been back on his professional golf game for several years thanks to the early diagnosis and treatment of his psoriatic arthritis. And because he’s a celebrity, he has a large, built-in audience. Mickelson has become a vocal advocate for raising awareness about psoriatic and other types of arthritis.

What happened to Phil Mickelson’s hand?

Championship pro golfer Phil Mickelson was working out hard, preparing to compete in the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Unexpectedly, his joints started aching. It felt like he’d sprained a wrist on one hand and somehow jammed a finger on the other.