What is optional overdraft coverage at PNC?

What is optional overdraft coverage at PNC?

PNC’s optional overdraft coverage can help you avoid failed transactions on ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases when you’re low on funds. As mentioned, you can choose to add overdraft coverage to each PNC checking account you have and opt-in and out at any time. Overdraft coverage comes with a fee of $36.

Where can I watch the PNC Championship on TV?

Don’t miss the TV Broadcast of the 2021 PNC Championship! Check below for the details on where to tune-in and at what time (all times are EST). For those in the UK visit skysports.com for coverage.

What happens if I overdraw my PNC bank account?

If you can spot your overdrawn account (within the $5 margin) before the end of the same business day and make a deposit to cover the transaction, PNC will refund you any overdraft charges and you can stay in control of your fees. If you are overdrawn on multiple transactions on the same day, PNC will charge you up to four overdraft fees.