What is Aimpoint golf?

What is Aimpoint golf?

Aimpoint boasts that its methodology has been used by 75,000 amateur golfers, 5,000 juniors, 200 tour professionals, and 300 instructors. Utilized by Adam Scott and Lydia Ko, at one point, Aimpoint was employed by both the top-ranked men’s and women’s golfers in the world.

How do the best Pros use Aimpoint?

The Best Pros Use AimPoint. Proven Physics. The Golf Channel used AimPoint’s proven, independently-verified physics model and software to accurately predict the break of putts on live television. How do you know you can trust AimPoint to improve your putting? Emmy Award Winning Physics. AimPoint Wins. Over 65 Professional Tour Wins.

Is Aimpoint express right for your game?

In this post, we will explore what the system is, why pros are using it, and determine whether it is right for your game. Aimpoint Express is a tour-proven green reading methodology (hint: Adam Scott) that allows a golfer to read greens using their feet to determine the slope percentage of a given putt.

How do you putt with Aimpoint Express?

You bend down, visualize the putt’s line, and hit to the line. With the Aimpoint Express system, you often stray away from visualization and more towards “spot putting”. For some golfers (particularly linear putters), putting in straight lines is comfortable. For others like myself, putting to a specific target is discomforting.