What is a TaylorMade rescue Golf Club?

What is a TaylorMade rescue Golf Club?

The club was actually named the TaylorMade Rescue and that’s where the name comes from. These clubs can be used from any point on the golf course (well maybe not to putt…).

What is the loft of a rescue club?

Most rescue clubs generally have a loft similar to long irons as these are generally the most difficult clubs to hit, although hybrids go as low at 15 degrees and as high as short iron lofts. Below is a guide of how to set up and hit a rescue club with a 3 iron equivalent loft (22 degrees).

What are the benefits of a rescue club?

Due to the size of the head of rescue club, it has a much wider sole which means it is able to cut through rough and longer grass much better than an iron. A golf hybrid looks way more confidence inspiring down by the ball and you feel that getting the ball out of trouble is easier than hitting an iron with the same loft.

What is the difference between long irons and Rescue clubs?

Long irons, especially bladed clubs have lower MOI with means they twist more on off center hits and are less forgiving. The hybrid or rescue clubs are a combination of long iron and fairway wood (hybrid) and extremely adaptable from poor lies (rescue). This hybrid design can be seen in the wide, smooth sole of rescue clubs.