What is a pull hook on a driver?

What is a pull hook on a driver?

So, if you make a swing where the club face is pointed left of the target at impact but the club head is swinging along a path that points to the right of the target, a pull hook is the sure outcome. When this is done with a driver, the result is one of the ugliest shots that you can find on the golf course.

What happens if you hit a pull hook in golf?

Both of these shots can be damaging to your score, but the pull hook is particularly troubling because the ball starts off line, and then continues to turn even farther away from the target. If you hit a pull hook off the tee, for example, there is a good chance that you won’t find that golf ball.

Why do pull hooks happen?

Pull hooks happen when an outside-to-inside swing path is paired with a closed clubface at the point of impact, which causes the right-to-left (or left-to-right for a lefty) spin on the ball. There are several different things that a golfer could be doing wrong to cause a pull hook shot.

Why does my golf ball hook to the left?

A golf pull hook causes your drive to hook the ball to the left, assuming that your right hand is your dominant hand. If you golf from the left, your ball will hook to the right. Pull hooks are a common cause of amateur golfer rage. Especially since, at first, the trajectory of a pull hook often looks like a winner …