What is a graphite stiff shaft in golf?

What is a graphite stiff shaft in golf?

A graphite stiff shaft tends to be a bit less stiff than a steel regular golf shaft. The graphite shafts are also capable of producing a lot of distance and really high ball flight as well.

What is stiffness in golf clubs?

Stiffness or Flex The golf shaft is known as the ENGINE of the golf club. On the downswing, as the hips rotate, the weight transfer takes place and the body uncoils, the shaft of the club bends. This bend is also known as flex, and as this flex straightens out, power is transferred from the shaft to the club head and through to the ball.

Can you use graphite shafts in irons?

Graphite Golf Shafts Graphite shafts can be used in drivers and irons, though they are most commonly found in longer golf clubs. Graphite is typically the best material for amateur golfers, though some low-handicap players and professionals enjoy the vibrations they can feel in their hands after hitting a golf ball with a steel shaft.

Can you use graphite shafts with titanium club heads?

Combine a graphite shaft with a titanium club head and you’ll swing even easier that that. Because of how a graphite shaft is constructed, when you hit a ball with one, it’s as if the shot is muffled even though the ball travels at least as far as one hit with a steel shaft.