What is a golf club travel case?

What is a golf club travel case?

A golf club travel case can make the whole process a lot smoother and will protect your clubs no matter your mode of travel.

What is the best third party shipping company for golf clubs?

Ship Sticks The last 3rd party shipping agent that we reviewed is making waves in the golf club shipping market is Ship Sticks. They are well known for shipping golf clubs, but you will be able to ship other sporting equipment through them as well.

Can You ship golf clubs in a box?

Before picking a box, you’ll need to measure your golf bag. If it has a hard travel case, a corrugated container isn’t required. For an additional fee, you can ship your clubs using this hardened option. You will need to add a tie-on-tag so that a shipping label can be adhered to your clubs.

How to choose the Best Hard Case golf travel bag?

Your choice of the best hard case golf travel bag should be strong enough to withstand the unforgiving environment of the cargo area. Also, look for a golf bag with a water-resistant, dirt-proof, and shock-proof build. That way, your clubs are safe, no matter how long you travel.