What is a flexible golf membership?

What is a flexible golf membership?

The flexible golf membership category lets you play golf your way. This affordable golf course membership is particularly popular with golfers who don’t play enough golf to make a typical annual subscription to a golf club cost-effective. So, how does it work? Pay a discounted annual subscription to be a member at any one of our partner golf clubs.

What is an individual membership to a golf club?

Typically, an individual memberships gives an individual unlimited access to the golf course, dining room, practice facilities, etc…You may find clubs that charge and individual member an added fee for use of a pool (if applicable). Many clubs offer reduced initiation fees and monthly dues for members under 36 years old.

What is Equity membership in golf clubs?

The equity membership structure is typically defined as one in which the member owns a portion of the golf club along with other members. Member-owned golf clubs are the most exclusive and the most expensive, but they usually offer amenities not available at non-equity clubs.

What are the benefits of joining a golf club?

The main benefits of joining a golf club include: being given a handicap and permitted to enter competitions; inclusion in special events; access to an unlimited amount of golf; convenience of your fees being direct debited; and reciprocal rights to play at other sister clubs at a discounted rate, or without charge.