What is a bogey on a golf course?

What is a bogey on a golf course?

(A bogey is a golf score of 1-over par on an individual hole. If the hole’s par rating is 4 and a golfer scores 5 on the hole, that golfer has made a bogey.) In common usage, "bogey golfer" means a golfer who averages about one bogey per hole, or 1-over par per hole. Do that on a par-72 golf course and the bogey golfer’s average score is around 90.

What is a good score for a golfer?

A bogey can be considered a good score for a golfer. According to the National Golf Foundation, the average score for an 18-hole round of golf is around 100. This is almost 10 strokes higher than around that has 18 bogeys. Golf is about getting the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes possible.

What is a quadruple bogey in golf?

A quadruple bogey is a score on a single golf hole that is four strokes higher than the hole’s par. Or, to make it more explicit, these are the numbers of strokes it takes to make a quadruple bogey: On a par-3 hole, a quadruple bogey is a score of 7. On a par-4 hole, a quadruple bogey is a score of 8.

What does a bogey mean on a par 6 hole?

A bogey on a par-6 hole means the golfer used 7 strokes to play that hole. Keep in mind that although bogey is a score that an expert golfer is usually disappointed with, very few of us are expert golfers! Most recreational golfers aren’t displeased when recording a bogey.