What is a 7 hybrid Golf Club?

What is a 7 hybrid Golf Club?

Hybrid Golf Clubs Explained. For example, a #7 hybrid iron (7-hybrid) will replace a #7 traditional iron (7-iron). While some golfers like the added confidence of the large heads of high-lofted woods, others appreciate the medium size of hybrids for shots out of the rough. Golfers also appreciate the hosel offset built into many hybrids,…

What are the most common hybrids in golf?

Hybrids have not only replaced the long irons, but in many cases, the fairway woods have made room for a hybrid in the bag. Fairway woods from 3 to 5 have been replaced, and a 7-fairway wood is a rarity. 3-iron and 4-iron equivalents are the most common hybrids, with the 1 and 2 iron being mostly ignored.

What are hybrid golf clubs made of?

The design of the hybrid club is interesting. The head resembles that of a fairway wood, it is hollow steel or titanium with a slightly convex face. Like those found in woods, this convex shape gives the long irons’ forgiveness.

What is the difference between distance and hybrid golf clubs?

Distance Hybrid clubs are numbered and are generally designed to replace the iron with the same number – for example, a 3-hybrid would replace a 3-iron. However, a typical golfer will likely hit the ball a bit farther with a hybrid than with an iron of the same number.