What is a 14-way divider bag?

What is a 14-way divider bag?

A 14-way divider bag has an individual slot for each club, and it provides the most protection for each club out of all the divider systems. Golfers that have extremely expensive clubs and are concerned about protection should opt for a 14-way divider system. That said, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to insert and take out clubs.

What to look for when buying a Supreme golf bag?

Let’s start with the key features. The Supreme cart bag comes with one of the most organized 15-way top dividers. The bag is designed to prevent club crowding even when all the slots are filled with clubs. You may choose a golf bag with 15 dividers for long courses. Therefore, a golf putter will also be needed in this case.

How to choose the right golf bag for your golf clubs?

Although this is more important with graphite shafts, if you don’t store your clubs in the bag properly, they could get damaged. Choosing a golf bag that has lots of full-length dividers can absolutely help your clubs from being damaged. Is It Essential To Have A Separate Putter Well?

How many clubs should be in a golf bag divider?

Since players can have a maximum of 14 clubs on the fairway, having as many divider inserts is appropriate. Dividers can range from 1 to 15 at most. Some golf bags come with dividers, but they aren’t long enough. If the divider inserts don’t reach the bottom of the bag, the clubs will just bang into one another as you’re reaching for them.