What has happened to Ben Hogan’s Icon brand?

What has happened to Ben Hogan’s Icon brand?

Over recent years however, it has undergone an important change with its products now predominantly sold online. One of the Ben Hogan golf club franchises that many golfers will recognise is the Icon iron model, aimed at confident ball-strikers in search of classic looks, a smooth feel and maximum control.

Where can I get Fit for the Ben Hogan icon Irons?

Or better yet, get fit for the irons by the experts at our sister company, True Spec Golf. See the Ben Hogan Icon irons from every angle…

What does the Hogan icon golf bag look like?

In the bag, the Icon will have huge appeal to the fans of the Hogan brand. The blade displays both the sunburst and signature logos along with the word “ICON” in small letters near the toe. The design of the iron is actually a little busier than most with four distinct tiers.

Why buy Ben Hogan golf clubs?

the Ben Hogan brand celebrates the fabled pro golfer’s exceptionally high standards. as well as industry-leading equipment.