What happens if you get a DQ for handicapping?

What happens if you get a DQ for handicapping?

As for handicapping, DQ penalties that do not affect the resultant score commonly do not prevent the score from being acceptable, and so they must be entered as normal. For example, if you had correctly been DQed for a handicap too high or no handicap, your scores would have remained acceptable for handicapping.

What caused the DQ in GTA 5?

Gotta assume the white areas, which were likely meant to frame the face and center, caused the DQ. Wild stuff. pic.twitter.com/Ek4Oj1xeH9

What is a disqualification in golf?

Scorecards figure prominently in disqualifications. A player can fail to record penalty strokes, record an incorrect score on a single hole or forget to sign the card. The USGA and the Royal & Ancient, the governing bodies of golf, adopted a new policy in 2011 that allows tournament officials to waive a disqualification in certain circumstances.