What happened to the co-founders of Augusta National?

What happened to the co-founders of Augusta National?

7 – One of the co-founders of Augusta National, Clifford Roberts, killed himself on the property in 1977. Roberts was a stock broker on Wall Street in the 1920s and he joined together with the great amateur golfer Bobby Jones to build the club. But after suffering with cancer, Roberts shot himself dead by Ike’s Pond at the age of 83.

What makes Augusta National so special?

Augusta, the host club, is revered around the world for its pristine image But there are some things about Augusta that the club would like to keep secret Every golfer in the world wants to play at Augusta National, the home of the Masters.

What are some of the most bizarre stories about Augusta National?

From hostage situations, to radical course redesigns, here are some of the most bizarre but true stories about Augusta National. 1. President Reagan’s round ruined by hostage situation Heavily armed Secret Service agents surrounded President Reagan’s limousine during the hostage incident at Augusta National.

What is Augusta National Golf Club famous for?

You may know Augusta National Golf Club as the picturesque venue that stuns the world every 12 months when the US Masters are held at the venue — but there is a lot more too it. 1. Fake Birds Yes, those sounds you hear on television are not real.