What golf tournaments should I save to my collection?

What golf tournaments should I save to my collection?

Save 2nd Annual Shane Thurston Foundation Golf Tournament to your collection. Save F.L.Y.’s Annual Fundraiser Poker Tournament to your collection.

How much does a city tour tournament cost?

City Tour tournaments are held on Saturdays or Sundays at high-end public venues, semi-private, or private courses and cost between $75–$150 per event. There are no member- ship fees or additional costs for City Tour.

How do I qualify for the city Tour Championship?

The top teams in each format in each city will qualify for the City Tour Championship on labor day weekend. Teams may qualify for the City Championship with a Wild Card bid as well. Check out the Rules and Eligibility page for more information.

What are the best places to play golf in Denver?

Though the Denver golf season is shorter than most, the Mile High city packs a lot into a small timeframe. Home to beautiful Cherry Hills Country Club, host of three US Opens and two PGA Champinships, the city was the stage for Arnold Palmer’s remarkable come from behind victory in 1960.