What golf course has the highest slope?

What golf course has the highest slope?

Red Ledges Golf Club (Heber, UT), 151 slopeRoyal Isabela (Isabela, PR), 151 slopeSebonack Golf Club (Southampton, NY), 151 slopePronghorn Golf Club (Nicklaus) (Bend, OR), 151 slopeOld Corkscrew Golf Course (Estero, FL), 151 slope

What is the highest slope rating of a golf course?

The rating system requires that a hole be rated from an average tee location, typically the center of the teeing ground, to the center of the green. The lowest Slope Rating is 55 and the highest is 155. A golf course of standard playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.

What does course rating and course slope really mean?

While course ratings are a measure of the difficulty of a course, slope ratings are a measure of how much more difficult a course is for a high handicap golfer versus a lower one. For example, if you have two courses that each have a course rating of 72, they should be the same difficulty for a scratch golfer.

How is slope rating calculated?

How to Calculate Slope RatingUse the Bogey Rating of the course. Ask at the golf course or contact the regional golf association that did the on-site rating.Locate the USGA Course Rating. The rating for each set of tees is usually on your scorecard, or you can ask staff at the course for this information.Subtract the Course Rating from the Bogey Rating. …More items…