What do you use to color your club faces?

What do you use to color your club faces?

I use a dry erase marker to color the club faces instead of foot spray for irons and hybrids. The marker can also be used to spot the balls themselves to leave marks on the face. Easier to remove as well as cheaper. Doesn’t work as well on drivers and fairway woods with dark faces but you can usually see your ball mark on those anyway.

How do you clean the inside of a golf club?

Use foot spray (£3.99) on the face of your clubs, and when you strike the ball you will see exactly where the ball has impacted the club. It wipes off easily, and is relatively cheap. Sellotape and marker pen are also other alternatives, but they don’t work quite as well as foot spray.

Does foot spray work on golf clubs?

Golfers have experimented with many different options and found that foot spray works really well. That’s right, foot spray! It is an excellent alternative to impact tape. It’s cheaper, quick to apply, and provides instant, clear feedback. You can easily spray it on your golf club and get hitting shots straight away.

How can strike spray help you hit better golf shots?

With a simple spray on the club face, you can now see precisely where you make contact on every shot. This knowledge will allow necessary adjustments to be made to now strike the ball with the center of the club. Start the path to hitting the most pure, crisp and consistent golf shots of your life. Get your can of Strike Spray today!