What do you need to clean golf clubs at home?

What do you need to clean golf clubs at home?

Gather Cleaning Materials . What do you need to clean golf clubs at home? Not much! Here is a list of cleaning materials: A plastic bucket (see following note); a mild dishwashing detergent; an old toothbrush or other brush with soft, plastic bristles; and an old towel for drying. That’s it.

Can you clean golf clubs with WD40?

Cleaning golf clubs with wd40 is a super way to clean your golf clubs right at the time. You could also use a household item such as wd40 shoe polish or even hair gel if needed. Cleaning the grips may seem trivial but it is actually quite an involved process where you need to remove any old glue residue left behind before applying a new grip.

How to clean golf club heads?

First thing you need to do is soak your golf club heads by filling a sink or a bucket with water and vinegar. The ratio of the mixture should be one part (1:10) of white vinegar to 10 parts water. Vinegar is an acid that will break down dirt and grime that has accumulated on your golf club heads. 2.)

How do you get rust off of golf clubs?

Alternatively, if you’ve got some vinegar or lemon juice kicking about, you can use their acidity to quickly tackle the rust on your clubs. Fill a small container with vinegar or lemon juice and submerge your clubheads – an hour or two should be enough.