What do the Ping dots on the hosel mean?

What do the Ping dots on the hosel mean?

Every Ping iron has a coloured dot on the hosel, but what do they actually represent? Let’s find out The Ping dots colour code system is all about helping you get the right lie angle for your game. So what are the different colour options and which one is right for you?

What does the colour coding mean on the clubs?

The colour coding allows the player to understand the lie angle of each PING set of clubs, which is the angle of the club shaft and the sole of the clubface against the length of the shaft.

What do the dots on the Ping colour code chart mean?

Color dots represent the relative lie angle (that the heel of the golf club makes with the ground) and length of the shaft of the Ping iron. Every Pro golfer gets his Ping static iron recommendation verified by a professional fitter with the help of the Ping Colour Code Chart.

What color dot Ping Irons should I buy?

Blue, green, white, silver, and maroon are upright colors. Red, orange, brown, and gold are flat. Selecting the suitable color dot of the Ping iron is extremely crucial otherwise the golfer might have to face the problems such as— too upright or too flat angle.