What do the numbers on the Masters caddies’ jumpsuits mean?

What do the numbers on the Masters caddies’ jumpsuits mean?

While the outfits have remained uniform throughout the years and include the white jumpsuit and green cap, there are always two variations on each jumpsuit. The first and most obvious is the name of the golfer, which is attached to the back of the outfit in green lettering. On the front of each Masters caddie’s white jumpsuit is a number.

What is a golf caddie’s jumpsuit made of?

According to Ward Clayton at the jumpsuits, “were made of a heavy, hand-sewn, herringbone material. Prior to that caddies usually wore clothes similar to the style of the day, even though pinned-on numbers to help fans recognize players were used beginning in the early 1940s.

Can you wear a jumpsuit to the Masters?

While the chances of playing Augusta like the Masters contestants are slim, you can wear the same white jumpsuits worn at the Masters Par-3 Contest. Seriously, you can! From adults to toddlers, Caddie Uniform makes replicas in all shapes and sizes.

Why are the caddies wearing jumpsuits at Augusta National?

Karain and the rest of the caddies will be donning the familiar white jumpsuits this week in Augusta. And for the first time in the tournament’s history, they might be beneficial in helping keep them warm. Like Sportscasting on Facebook.