What are the parts of a set of golf clubs?

What are the parts of a set of golf clubs?

A set of golf clubs comes with drivers, wedges, and a mix of irons. Eight irons, a pitching wedge, three kinds of wood, and a putter make a standard set of clubs. A half set includes four irons, two kinds of wood, and a putter.

How to choose the right golf clubs for You?

Whilst your understanding of your strengths and weaknesses will guide your choice, custom fitting could also be an option. Tailoring the club shaft length and flex, and club head lie angle and loft to your specifications, is a worthwhile investment if you are looking to become a serious golfer.

What are the best golf clubs to buy for beginners?

For your first golf clubs, we recommend buying a beginner set of clubs that include a driver and 3-wood, odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9) and a putter. Apart from the basic decisions between men’s and women’s clubs and right or left-handed clubs, you might have a choice between steel and graphite shaft clubs.

What should I look for when buying used golf clubs?

Once a buyer spots a set of second-hand clubs for sale, they should compare the price with that of a new set of clubs. More often than not, manufacturers offer old stock at discounted prices to make room for the latest models.