What are the different types of golf balls?

What are the different types of golf balls?

The 4-piece ball consists of a solid rubber core surrounded by two separate layers and a soft urethane outer cover. The most complex golf ball currently available is the 5-piece golf ball. It is a high-premium ball and generally only used by very advanced or professional golfers. These golf balls are the most expensive on the market.

Which is the best golf ball for average golfer?

Reviews of The Best Golf Balls For The Average Golfer. 1 1. Srixon Q-Star. View on Amazon. 2 2. Srixon Soft Feel. 3 3. Callaway Supersoft. 4 4. Snell MTB Black. 5 5. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite. More items

Are premium golf balls worth it?

Premium balls used by advanced players and professionals accentuate the spin and any slight mishit could leave you in the rough. A fade can become a slice and a draw can become a hook as a result of the amount of spin. They also come at a premium cost which does not make financial sense if your ball consistently tracks offline.

What are the softest golf balls?

The ball offers promises a soft feel for longer shots and enhanced spin control. In the middle, you will find the largest core that Titleist has ever produced. The combination of the extra-large core and the thin outer cover you will experience one of the softest golf balls in this category.