What are the different types of foursomes?

What are the different types of foursomes?

Some of those names are the descriptive "selective drive, alternate shot" format, Greensomes (common in the United Kingdom), Modified Pinehurst, Canadian Foursomes, and Scotch Doubles. When playing Scotch Foursomes as a variation of foursomes, think of it as scramble off the tee, then alternate shots into the hole.

What does foursomes mean in golf?

The word foursomes in golf means more than just a group of four people golfing. This term is actually a tournament format in golf. Canadian foursome is a spinoff of the original foursome golf format. In the original format golfers alternate shots on every stroke.

What is the Canadian foursomes golf format?

The Canadian foursomes golf format can be used for tournament play or as a 2 vs 2 game in a foursome. This format utilizes teams of two pitted against eachother. It works like this Both golfers on each team tee off. The golfers then decide which of their two drives they want to play.

What is an alternate shot foursome golf format?

In this type of golf format, it is a two on two competition in which the two golfers of the foursome team up to compete against the other two players that are part of the foursome they are playing with. In the alternate shot foursome golf format, the players are taking turns taking shots but they are also alternating taking the tee shots.