What are the different types of ferrule on golf clubs?

What are the different types of ferrule on golf clubs?

As the ferrule has more of a cosmetic role than a functional one, the different types of ferrule tend to be more about appearance. One type that is available is the collared ferrule, this fits between the clubhead and the shaft with a collar which creates space for a cushion of epoxy.

What is a ferrule and why do I need one?

Ferrules are all about creating a secure connection between the clubhead and the shaft. The main advantage of having a ferrule is that your club will be able to take more stress throughout your swing.

What are collared ferrule shafts?

Collared ferrules have been developed since the rise of the use of graphite shafts. One thing about graphite is that it can be fragile at times depending on what strain is put on it. Collared ferrules allow for a cushioning layer of epoxy between the shaft and the ferrule which helps protect the graphite shaft from stress and potential failure.

Why do golf clubs have ferrules around the shafts?

In the early days of golf, when irons had shafts made of hickory, placing a band around the point where the shaft entered the clubhead did serve a purpose: It helped prevent the wooden shaft from splintering or shattering. But when wooden shafts disappeared from golf, ferrules took on a mostly cosmetic role.