What are the best golf games on Nintendo Switch?

What are the best golf games on Nintendo Switch?

Infinite Minigolf is for you if you are looking for a more casual golf sports game that allows unlimited creativity and fun. The best golf games on Nintendo Switch are PGA Tour 2K21, Mario Golf: Super Rush, Golf Story, and Infinite Minigolf. PGA Tour 2K21 simulates golf successfully.

Does Mario have a golf game on switch?

Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom pals have recently brought their clubs and caddies to Switch, but even without the plumber and his crew, the console has built up a bagful of quality golf games since launch.

Is golf peaks worth buying on the switch?

Isometric puzzler Golf Peaks is yet another in Switch’s lineup of fun and rewarding alternatives to a ‘proper’ golf game that began on mobile before getting a Switch port. It’s a short experience, best enjoyed in small chunks, but you’re sure to enjoy your time with it.

Should you play golf story on switch?

An RPG in the mould of Camelot’s exquisite Mario Golf on Game Boy Color, Golf Story was one of the breakout indie hits of Switch’s first year, and it’s lost none of its appeal since then. It’s getting a multi-sport sequel named Sports Story sometime soon, so there’s no better time to check out this top-down treasure.