What are the best golf drinks?

What are the best golf drinks?

Here are some of the best golf drinks to help you do that. Born in Pitlochry, Panton was three-times a Ryder Cup player. The drink named after him is a ginger beer with a dash of lime and Angostura bitters… A refreshing post-round slurp and one of the best golf drinks.

What to drink at the Masters Tournament?

The Masters Tournament Golf Themed Cocktails. Hole-In-One Cocktail: 1 ¾ oz Scotch whisky. ¾ oz sweet vermouth. ½ tsp lemon juice. 1 dash orange bitters.

What is the best cocktail named after a golfer?

The Bobby Jones. As one of the most famous names in golfing history, it’s no surprise that someone decided to name a cocktail after him. Mixing brandy, crème de cacao, grenadine and lemon juice, this version wasn’t actually drunk by Mr Jones.

What’s in a golf cocktail?

Golf’s mightiest cocktail consists of only 4 ingredients: ice, vodka, ginger ale and grape juice. This bare bones golf drink recipe also means: Every golf and country club bar, from your local municipal clubhouse to Augusta National, should be capable of making one. If you get the portions wrong it will taste terrible. Guaranteed.