What are Ringer scores in golf?

What are Ringer scores in golf?

The ringer scores also show golfers which holes are most challenging for them and where they need to improve. Although the terms "ringers" and "eclectics" are often used interchangeably, they may differ with the use of handicaps. The term "ringers" is often used for gross scores.

What is a ringer tournament in golf?

The ringer tournament, sometimes called an "eclectic" tournament, is one in which the best score posted on each hole by a player during multiple rounds is added up for one 18-hole score total for each player.

What is the difference between ringers and eclectics in golf?

The term "ringers" is often used for gross scores. "Eclectics" may be used for an event with gross scores, but it is also the preferred term when net scores are used. Depending on the golfers’ handicap, they subtract strokes from their hole-by-hole scores.

What does’Ringer’mean in golf?

The word "ringer" has at least three contexts or meanings in golf: A ringer board or ringer report shows the best score each player has posted during a set time period for each hole on a specific course and set of tees.