Should you hit above or below the ball from a bunker?

Should you hit above or below the ball from a bunker?

While digging your feet in the sand is generally recommended for greenside bunker shots you’ll want to do the opposite here. Indeed, while you will want to hit below the ball from a greenside bunker you will want to hit the ball a little thin from a fairway bunker.

Should you use a 5 or 6 iron from the fairway bunker?

So if you were a 6-iron distance away from the green then use a 5-iron for your shot from the fairway bunker. Of course, this assumes that the club you select can produce a shot that clears the lip in front of you. If not, then you are looking at laying up.

Should you worry about the fairway bunker?

There are few things that strike as much fear into the heart of amateur golfers than the dreaded fairway bunker shot. As soon as you see your ball trickle off the fairway and into the awaiting sand trap, you immediately begin to worry about the big score it could lead to.

How to hit a fairway bunker shot in the sand?

Because the sand is so fine, you really need to focus on ball-first contact. You must make sure you hit the ball first, and then take a little bit of sand, in order to keep from catching the shot too heavy and leaving it in the bunker. 3. Center ball position Ball position for a fairway bunker shot should be in the center of your stance.