Should you add a stinger to your golf toolbox?

Should you add a stinger to your golf toolbox?

One of the shots that you may want to consider adding to your ‘toolbox’ is the stinger. A stinger is a low-flying shot, usually played from the tee, which is designed to provide you with accuracy while still rolling out enough to achieve a useful distance.

What is a stinger golf shot?

A Stinger golf shot (also known as a Knockdown shot) is a highly skilled golf swing taken by professional golf players. During a Stinger Shot, the ball is hit at a very low angle; travelling a long distance without gaining much elevation.

Why do golf clubs have a stinger on them?

This occurs because the stinger requires the handle of the club to be leaning towards the target more than a normal golf shot. In addition, the handle of the club must keep moving after impact to ensure a low trajectory shot, increasing the players’ control of the club face.

What is Tiger Woods’ stinger shot?

One shot he made famous was the stinger shot. He hits this shot when he looks to control the ball by keeping it lower to the ground. Ideally, the ball will stay below the height of the tree line to mitigate the effect of the wind. This is a fun shot to hit, but it is not for everyone.