Should I quit my sport?

Should I quit my sport?

No sport should leave you broken physically and this is a fine reason to leave the sport behind and follow another dream.

Why do people walk off the course early on golf advisor?

There are probably hundreds of Golf Advisor reviews where users have walked off the course early due to slow play. A few occurred when courses accepted tee times on the same day as large outings. Many, though, were simply incidents where the course grind to a halt for seemingly no reason.

What makes you quit before finishing an 18 on a golf course?

We have scoured through thousands of course reviews written by golfers like you to find out what makes YOU quit before finishing a full 18. You might be surprised why golfers throw in the proverbial towel once in a while. Here are the most common occurrences: A 9-some spotted on a golf course will certainly slow down pace of play. Golf Advisor

Should I quit my game after an injury?

I would tend to have you work on your fear before you consider quitting the game. Having these kinds of worries after an injury like this is pretty normal. But if you still love the game, then you might want to spend some time trying to work the injury through before you decide to leave a game that you love!