Is it appropriate to wear golf shoes when playing golf?

Is it appropriate to wear golf shoes when playing golf?

“Seriously, do not wear golf shoes unless you’re inside the ropes!” That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take cues from the pros. It is appropriate to wear similar attire to what you’d wear playing golf. For men a nice pressed polo and khaki pants or shorts are the norm.

What do you wear to a golf tournament?

Typical golf attire, such as khaki shorts, polo shirts, golf skorts or skirts, leather loafers and athletic shoes, makes for casual and comfortable clothing for watching golf. Golf tournament attire has a lot to do with the temperature.

Can women wear no-denim at golf tournaments?

While most private or tournament-caliber courses have strict no-denim policies, these are rarely in effect for the tournament. Spectators can wear what they choose, but to show some respect for the game — and to stand out in the crowd — women should observe this policy.

Can you wear leggings to a golf tournament?

While clubhouse access during golf tournaments is usually off-limits to the majority of spectators, you should dress to be appropriate anywhere you may find yourself on the grounds, thus leggings and other tight fitting sportswear are also a poor choice. For some outfit ideas Noblitt suggests women look to designer Toby Tucker Golf.