Is a longer or shorter driver better?

Is a longer or shorter driver better?

Unfortunately, for most golfers those swing traits are rare which translates to mean a shorter driver length is better. The longer the length of the driver, the harder it is to consistently hit the ball on-center and solid.

Will a new driver increase my distance?

A new driver can certainly increase distance. Technology advancements can help increase distance without changing your swing. A good rule of thumb is 1-2-3. If your driver is a year old, you will likely not see much change. Two years old will provide a mixed bag of results.

What is the average driver distance with swing speed?

The average driver distance for someone with a 60mph swing speed is just 157 yards. If you struggle with this, check out our recommendation for the best driver for slow swing speed. Conversely, the Tour Pro swing speed average of 113mph garners 293 yards. The average male amateur swing speed with driver is 93mph.

How can I add distance to my driver?

You can add distance to your driver through practicing proper swing mechanics on the range. Professional and amateur golfers alike strive to get extra distance from their drivers.