How to winterize your golf cart?

How to winterize your golf cart?

Things You Should CleanRustDirt & grimeBird poopCut and polish any scratchesRemove any rugs/carpetClean mirrorsCables and connectorsFuel, oil and air filtersReplace spark plugs if required

How to wash a golf cart?

How to Wash a Golf Cart Easily and EffectivelyGather the proper Supplies. What’s an outdoor enthusiast to do when their golf cart gets dirty? …Prepare Your Cart. Washing your golf cart is a great way to keep it looking like new and also an easy task that anyone can do.Wash the Body. …Wash the Windshield. …Clean Your Golf Cart’s Battery. …Rinse-Off. …Clean Aluminum. …Remove Mildew and Mold. …Disinfect. …

What should I use to clean my golf cart windshield?

Clean the windshield. Do not use cleaning products, such as Windex or Rain-X, that have a high amount of alcohol or ammonia.Apply a buffing compound. Make sure the compound you use is a fine grade, which is safe for plastics.Remove the compound. Wash any buffing compound off with warm water and soap.

How do you clean a golf cart?

The Cleaning ProcessRemove any noticeable debris from the seats (dried food, mildew, mud, etc.)Treat any stains using the methods above to avoid discolorationWet a sponge with lukewarm water and use either a mild liquid detergent or diluted color-safe bleach (depending on the color of the seats)Wipe the seats and backrestMore items…