How to properly position your finger on a golf club?

How to properly position your finger on a golf club?

Consider keeping the finger in a more relaxed manner when positioning it on the club. The knuckle often gets affected with an interlocking golf grip resulting in pain on the finger especially when you hit fat shots. To avoid this, position your right hand on the golf club grip so that its three finger base joint pads touch the shaft.

Why does Tiger Woods interlock his fingers when playing golf?

Both of these players have been able to manage their grip pressure well enough to win tournaments even while interlocking the fingers. One of the main reasons that Tiger uses the interlocking grip is because of his swing speed and the control he wants over it as he gets through impact.

What is the interlocking grip in golf?

The interlocking grip is similar to the 10 finger grip except you place the pinky of your right hand between the index and the middle finger of the right which should give you more control over the club, especially if you have smaller hands. The interlocking golf grip can give a golfer who is unsure about their grip a lot more confidence.

Should you interlock your fingers when playing golf?

Interlocking their fingers help most golfers because they feel that this allows both their hands to work in unison and give them more power to play the game. The following are some ways you can use an interlocking golf grip effectively as a right-handed player to get the best results.