How to make your golf cart’s suspension better?

How to make your golf cart’s suspension better?

If you are noticing new problems with your golf cart’s ride, check each of the suspension bushings and replace them if they are worn out. This replacement will not only result in a smoother ride but will also improve the health and performance of the golf cart’s suspension system. 5. Fix Any Problems With Your Cart’s Lift Kit

How do you fix a rough ride on a golf cart?

Inspect the brakes to see if they show signs of dragging. If so, setting them right may stop the rough ride. If your cart has new tires and haven’t been used for a while, the tires may experience flat-spotting and cause a rough ride because of vibration. Once you ride the cart around for a while, the problem usually disappears.

How to make your electric golf cart ride more comfortable?

Using a lithium pack battery also helps to reduce the overall weight of the golf cart. Also, if the cart uses electric cart shocks, replace them with gas shocks. Check the air pressure on the tires and reduce/increase as required. Excess pressure can be one of the reasons for a rough ride. Check for stiff or over-sprung springs.

How to make a Yamaha G16 golf cart a smooth ride?

Some cart owners prefer 20 PSI for the rear and 15 PSI for the front tires when they have four adult passengers in the rear. You can get a smooth ride from your Yamaha G16 golf cart by ensuring the following. Ensure that there is no air leak in the gaskets between the intake and the carburetor as well as the spacer.