How to make club car electric golf cart speed adjustments?

How to make club car electric golf cart speed adjustments?

For club car electric golf cart speed adjustments, you need to change the cart’s motor or upgrade the electronic speed controller and solenoid contactor relay. This is how you can make Club Car Electric Golf Cart Speed Adjustments: I would suggest you go for a series wound DC electric speed motor. This speed motor has a smaller field coil.

What is a moderate gear ratio for a car?

This is a moderate gear ratio that provides reasonable speed (14 mph) for golf course use and adequate torque to pull up steep hills with 800 lbs of people & golf bags. If you install an 8:1 gear ratio, for instance, in a car that previously had a 12.5:1 ratio, it would increase the top end speed from about 14 mph up to approximately 20 mph.

How can I make my golf cart go faster?

The standard gear ratio for virtually all golf carts is 12.5:1. For every 12.5 revolutions made by the input shaft, the wheels will accomplish one full rotation. Reducing this ratio to 6:1 helps the cart move faster by increasing its speed from 12 to 14mph. 2. Use Bigger Tires for The Cart: This method is not as expensive as altering the gear.

What is the gear ratio of a golf cart?

The gear is an important component that helps to control the speed of your cart. For a cart to function at higher speeds you need a gear ratio higher than 6:1. You can change the gear ratio of your cart to achieve more speed. The gear is generally located under the transaxle.