How to grip an offset driver?

How to grip an offset driver?

Pick up your offset driver in your left hand and place it at the top of the grip. Place the small finger of your right hand directly under the forefinger of your left hand. Line your thumbs up under each other down the shaft of your club. This is called the interlocking grip and is good for generating power.

How to properly grip?

Step By Step Guide To The Proper Golf GripStep One: Left Hand Position. When you first get your hands on the club, you must make sure that you get your left in the proper position.Step Two: Right-Hand Position. …Step Three: The Thumb. …Step Four: Grip Pressure. …Step Five: Grip Size. …

What is the best grip for a driver?

Best Oversized Grip for a Driver. The best-oversized grips for a driver, in our opinion, are the Golf Pride CP2 Wraps. The jumbo grips weigh 78 grams, have a thicker lower hand, and a super soft feel. They may be best for golfers who need a little more size in their hands to help control their drives.

What is the best golf grip for a driver?

Types of Golf GripsRubber-. Rubber is the most used material in golf grips. However, the manufacturers do not only use rubber. …Corded Grip-. One of the most use grips is the corded grip. …Multi compound Grips-. This grip is often known as a Hybrid grip. …Wrap Grip-. Wrapped style grip is mostly used by senior golfers who are looking for an old-school feel. …