How to correct pulled golf shots?

How to correct pulled golf shots?

The tips at a glance:Fix your alignment and ball positioningAddress the ball-club angleCheck your equipment, grip, aim, stance, and swing plane.Aim to the right of the targetTry the pool noodle over the top drillTry the back foot drop back drill

How to fix pulling golf shots?

PULL FIX #2: Move to In-Square-In Club Path and Weaker Grip. In order to fundamentally fix the causes that produce pulled shots in your game you will need to work on your golf swing and the club path that it produces. Fixing an outside-in swing starts at the takeaway where you will want to take your club back square instead of back outside.

What is a pull or pulled shot in golf?

“The pull is caused when the club comes from outside the target line on the downswing and you pull across your body,” Gary McCord says in his instructional book, Golf for Dummies. The grip is not normally a factor in pull shots, except that gripping too tight can encourage an over-the-top swing.

Why do I pull all my golf shots?

What Causes a Pulled Shot?Too Strong of a Grip. Once you’ve checked your alignment, the next piece of your setup to evaluate is your grip. …Incorrect Ball Position. Another reason your swing is producing pulled shots might be that the ball is too far forward in your stance.Over The Top Swing Motion. …