How to clean mildew on golf cart seats?

How to clean mildew on golf cart seats?

Whether your golf cart is parked inside or outside, mildew can be a problem on your golf cart seats. By not cleaning the mildew, it tends to spread everywhere. For tough mildew, you will need a dry nylon brush and a tough cleaner. There are a few options to use as a cleaner for mildew on golf cart seats.

How often should you clean your golf cart seat covers?

The frequency of how often you should clean your golf cart seat covers will vary based on how often you use the cart, where it is stored, and the weather/environment its used in. Heavily used carts may need weekly cleaning, whereas others can get by with monthly or quarterly cleanings.

How to clean your car seats properly?

Wash Rags and Sponges: Use for application of the cleaning solution, scrubbing out dirt or stains, and wiping/rinsing off surfaces. 4. Cleaning Solution: The right cleaning solution will be dependent on the material of your seat and/or seat covers. Remember, some types of cleaning solutions are potent and aromatic.

How to clean the inside of a golf cart?

Next, mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Wipe the area down with a rag or sponge but be sure not to rub too hard. Repeat as necessary, then wipe clean using a standard cleaning solution and thoroughly dry. How Often Should You Clean Golf Cart Seats?