How to adjust the brakes on a Yamaha G2 golf cart?

How to adjust the brakes on a Yamaha G2 golf cart?

Yamaha G2 golf cart brake adjustment 1 Take the golf cart for a drive and keep pressing the brakes every couple of seconds throughout the drive. 2 Inspect the brake shoes for wear and tear. … 3 Check if the automatic adjuster unit is rusted and get a new one fitted if this is the case. … More items…

How do Dr drum brakes work on a golf cart?

Drum brakes are installed in the rear set of wheels of your golf cart and this drum braking system auto-adjusts the brake when you’re driving the vehicle. The auto-adjustment depends upon the degree of wear of the brakes. If the brakes are worn out beyond a point, the rear drum braking system brings the brake shoe and the drums in contact.

How do the brakes work on an E-Z-GO golf cart?

E-Z-GO carts have a mechanical rear drum braking system that depends on the wear of the brake shoe, which adjusts the brakes in these carts automatically. The brakes are adjusted while the cart is moving.

How do you brake a golf cart?

Contact between the shoes and drums creates the stopping force. Get into the driver’s seat of the golf cart. Accelerate to full speed. Make sure you have enough room. Press on the brake pedal to fully engage the braking system and then release the pedal before coming to a full stop. The golf cart must be moving for the braking system to adjust.