How much would the winner's share of the PGA Championship prize money be?

How much would the winner’s share of the PGA Championship prize money be?

Based on that total, the winner’s share of the prize money would be $2.07 million, the same amont Dustin Johnson took home in November.

What is the Medal for winning the Masters?

The medal is 3.4 inches in diameter and features a view of the clubhouse from behind the Founders Circle. So, if you win the Masters, you receive a silver trophy, a gold medal and, should you make an eagle, a bit of crystal – and that’s before you get your prize money

What is the prize money at the Masters Tournament?

The winner’s share of the Masters Tournament’s $15 million purse is up from $2.07 million when Hideki Matsuyama slipped on the green jacket last April. The 2021 purse was $11.5 million, which marked the third straight tournament with the same amount of total prize money.

How much money do golfers win at the 2022 Masters?

Another item the tournament has brought back is it multi-million-dollar prize money. The total prize money for golfers at the 2022 Masters is $15 million total, an increase from last year’s $11.5 million.